In 2012, Gamelan Taniwha Jaya collaborated with local electronic band, Minuit, to perform arrangements of some of their best-known songs, arranged by Jason Erskine. Minuit comprised lead singer, Ruth Carr, with Paul Dodge and Ryan Beehre playing machines and disbanded in 2014.

The show was performed live at the Wellington Homegrown Festival in February and then at WOMAD in March.

Already well known for their energetic live shows, Minuit say “it’s definitely been a challenge adding twelve more players to the band, but its completely kickass! Why didnt we do it before? Oh that’s right, we need a small truck to move everyone”. from Amplifier

Radio New Zealand broadcast a segment documenting the project:
Gamelan Taniwha Jaya collaboration with local Wellington band, Minuit - 2012

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GTJ performers:

Gangsas: Rupert Snook, Anton Killin, Jacqui Stowers and Jack Hooker

Reyong: Jason Erskine, Gareth Farr, Jo Hilder and Tristan Carter

Jublag: Briar Prastiti and Mike Jones

Gongs: Carina Esguerra

Kempli: Clare Tattersall

Ceng-ceng: James Rolfe