We can provide workshops for all ages in

  • gamelan (Javanese and/or Balinese)
  • angklung (hand-held bamboo ensemble)
  • shadow puppetry (at limited times)

These can be tailored to your group’s needs. We have run many workshops for school groups. Gamelan workshops work best if you can come to the NZ School of Music to use the instruments. If several workshops are scheduled in one location, we are able to bring the instruments to you. Puppet making or general puppetry workshops can be combined with gamelan workshops for a total experience. Contact us for details of pricing.

Marsden School Workshop, 9 June 2016 (Independent Herald)

Gamelan workshops

Kids Play Gamelan2

These are hands-on where every student has an opportunity to play an instrument and learns to perform a simple traditional Javanese and/or Balinese piece.

Gamelan is a co-operative music-making experience where all students have an opportunity to be involved at different levels of the structure. An important focus is learning to listen to each other. If desired, students could have the opportunity to improvise/compose with the instruments.

Workshops are taught by a members of the groups and can be tailored to groups of any age from 8 up.

“The accessibility of the music, at its root level, coupled with the beauty of the instruments and their sound, and the universal musical concepts that are built in to the music, make an extremely well rounded vehicle to use in the classroom. The cultural philosophies surrounding playing the instruments also integrate well when teaching to the whole child, and when guiding students to consider what it means to be human.”

Mike Coffey

teacher of gamelan in an elementary school in the US

Puppetry workshops

Joko With Playcentre Kids

Joko Susilo conducts a workshop for 4-year olds at Karori Playcentre

Dr Joko Susilo, master puppeteer, comes to Wellington regularly to perform and is available to give workshops. Joko has taught gamelan and puppetry in New Zealand since 1993, is fluent in English and has excellent teaching skills.

A typical workshop consists of the following:

  • brief demonstration of traditional Javanese shadow puppetry in which Joko manipulates the puppets, provides narration, voices all the characters and sings.
  • groups of 5-6 students work together to make puppets for a story they devise or choose one they already know. They design and make puppets under the guidance of Joko, using cardboard, split pins, velcro, and sticks, and are shown how to manipulate them.
  • Finally, groups present shows using Joko’s large screen.

Follow this link for more information about Javanese wayang kulit.

If you would like to register your interest in this workshop, please contact us and we will let you know when this is available.

The whole experience was wonderful and memorable and a really authentic experience for the children.

teacher at Paremata school which held both puppetry and gamelan workshops in 2008