Wayang Kulit at CubaDupa 2018

… a riveting Javanese wayang kulit shadow puppet show by dhalang Joko Susilo, effortlessly accompanied by the local Gamelan Padhang Moncar. The astonishingly dance-like arm movements of the puppets was a revelation of this dhalang’s expertise.

Jennifer Shennan

Michelle Potter... On Dancing

Macapat by Budi S. Putra - 2017

The opening work, a traditional Macapat sung by Budi Putra, director of the Gamelan Padhang Moncar of VUW, was delivered in the rich and astonishingly resonant voice that Putra has long been recognized for. The violin of Tristan Carter danced a bridge between music worlds.

Jennifer Shennan

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Jack Body’s “So Short the Life” - 2017

Gamelan Padhang Moncar played Jack Body’s So Short the life – a lively, lovely, poignant piece, being played close to the second anniversary of the death of this much loved composer. ‘Vita brevis’ indeed, but ‘ars longa’. The gamelan instruments produce familiar sounds yet are played without the intensity of interlocking patterns of the traditional gamelan music we are accustomed to hearing – as though voices from the past join the players, and a microphone involved as a musical instrument helps carry the sound towards the future. A remarkable composition.

Jennifer Shennan

Middle C - Classical Music Reviews

“Java Dance” - 2015

a truly memorable performance

Jennifer Shennan

Michelle Potter on Dancing - read full review

Wayang Kulit “The Fall of Alengka” - 2015

An integral part of the performance is the musical accompaniment by the mesmerising Gamelan Padhang Moncar. Particular mention must go to the beautiful singing of Briar Prastiti and the stirring drumming of Rupert Snook.

Ann Hunt

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Silver Scrolls performance - 2014

…the Silver Scroll went to Tami Neilson, for her blues belter ‘Walk Back to Your Arms’, which also received my favourite cover interpretation on the night … performed by a gamelan orchestra with … the All Seeing Hand’s Johnny Marks, who did part of his vocal as a convincing throat-singer. It really was quite wow.

Russell Brown

Hard News

… something entirely new and spine-tingling occurred. 

Briar Lawry

NZ Musician

… one of the highlights of the annual APRA Silver Scroll Award, held last week in Wellington.

Nick Bollinger

Nick Bollinger's Top Tens October 2014

Reviews of our 2013 CD, Naga

[an] innovative, daring and even courageous extension of the gamelan into hitherto unexplored territory

Graham Reid

Elsewhere - read full review

These enchanting performances are sometimes spooky, constantly exhilarating.

Simon Sweetman

Off the Tracks - read full review

 It’s a fascinating and unique sound world, hypnotic and surreal…I was captivated by this album and strongly recommend it.

Robert Johnson

Radio NZ Concert - read full review

I’m reminded of a tour of Buddhist temples I did in Thailand, where the natural quality of the music entranced me for days…

Kim Paterson

NZ Musician - read full review

Review from our 2013 tour of Indonesia

The first piece, From Shadows composed by Anton Killin, set the tone perfectly; a soft melodic piece that gently eased the audience into the concert. It featured Tristan Carter playing the violin that provided a significant and at times eerie contrast.

Chris O'Connor

Bali Daily - read full review


Review of ‘Gong Crazy’, 2009


The overall effect was of a shimmering, exquisite and poignant beauty that will not be easily forgotten.


Jennifer Shennan

Theatreview - read full review


Reviews of the ‘BEAT!’ International Gamelan Festival 1999


…rhythmic intricacy, hypnotic patterns, sheer sonic power, and refreshingly different tunings…

Alan Wells

The NZ Listener, 29 May 1999

The performances have shown the richness of the musical traditions of these regions and the ease with which they can be used to thrill audiences of the most varied backgrounds.

Lindis Taylor

Evening Post, 5 April 1999