I Wayan Gde Yudane

Yudane Portrait Cropped

Previously resident in Ubud, Yudane currently lives in Wellington where he co-directs Gamelan Taniwha Jaya. He also teaches Balinese gamelan at the New Zealand School of Music and has composed a number of pieces for Gamelan Padhang Moncar.

Yudane Aquifer Still

Video of live performance of “Aquifers” by Yudane

Yudane’s most recent CD, Water, as well as earlier CDs Sita, Arak are available for purchase from Yudane.


In 2007, Yudane toured with the NZ Trio to Indonesia, Singapore and Australia. Their performance of his collaboration with Jack Body received the following review:

Paradise Regained, a work dedicated to the victims of the Bali bombing, is succinct, dramatic and technically ferocious and was beautifully executed by pianist Sarah Watkins and I Wayan Gde Yudane on an Indonesian xylophone-like gangsa.

Rhythmically fevered fragments were exchanged between the players on and off the beat, framed within a mercilessly driving pulse.

The quickfire exchanges and emphatic unison points seemed to represent not only a powerful interaction between two discrete cultures, but also a successful example of fusion.

Review of Encounters II,
Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Brisbane, November 22-25 by Gillian Wills, The Australian, November 30, 2007

He has participated in the Wangaratta Jazz Festival in Australia (2001), and in 2002 was Artist-in-Residence at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, supported by a Ford Foundation grant.

Jack Body With Yudane

Jack Body with Yudane (Photo credit: Gerry Keating, VUW Photography)

Honours and collaborations

His score for the 2000 Adelaide Festival production of The Theft of Sita (in collaboration with Paul Gabrowsky) won the Melbourne Age Critics Award for Creative Excellence and the Helpmann Award for Best Original Music

He has been the recipient of the annual award for the Best Composition (Kreasi Baru) for Balinese Gamelan on nine separate occasions as well as the 1999 Adikara Nugraha Award for the Creator of New Musical Composition, from the Government of Bali.

In Indonesia, he has participated in “Kemah Komponis” (AKI), “Temu Musik September”, Surakarta (1998), and the Bali Millennial Percussion (1999).

In Europe, he has worked with the Temps Fort Theatre, France and Cara Bali Group, Munich and has had works commissioned by La Batie Festival.

You can also see a list of Yudane’s selected works. Scores for some compositions are available through the SOUNZ website.

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