Monday 14 June 2010, 6pm

Adam Concert Room, NZSM, Victoria University Campus

Students of PERF presented three traditional pieces as their final performance assessment. Gamelan Padhang Moncar then accompanied six Indonesian dancers performing Gambyong Parianom followed by a suite of pieces based on wayang (shadow puppet) repertoire, and ending with a lively piece by Ki Nartosabdo, Lelagon Prau Layar. We were joined for this last number by members of the Dharma Wanita of the Indonesian Embassy as a chorus. The audience took up the invitation to dance to this last number and were then rewarded with delicious refreshments.

Gambyong Dancer

Gambyong Dancer 2010

Ladrang Gleyong pelog nem
Ketawang Asmaradana slendro manyura
LancaranUdan Mas  pelog barang
Gambyong Parianom
Paseban Jawi  (including Lancaran Bondet and Cucur Biru) pelog lima
Lelagon Prau Layar  (AKA Praon) pelog nem

Panoramic With Singers
Photos: Megan Ward