Yudane Selected Works


Murdaning Sekati Commissioned by Bali Art Festival (1992)

Wasanta Tilaka Commissioned by Bali Art Festival (1993)

Yudaskandasargah Commissioned by Bali Art Festival (1994)

Lebur Sekati Commissioned by Bali Art Festival (1995)

Radadara Commissioned by Bali Art Festival (1996)

Siung Kala Commissioned by Bali Art Festival (1997)

Sruti Laya Commissioned by Bali Art Festival (1999)

Radadara II Commissioned by Bali Art Festival (2000)



Carik-caruk Commissioned by Gamelan Padhang Moncar (2002)



Run Away for Gamelan Java and clarinet, baritone saxophone and Taiko drum, Commissioned by Creative New Zealand (2007)

Cast Away for Balinese Gamelan and flute, Commissioned by Creative New Zealand (2007)

Churning of the Sea for Gamelan Java, baritone saxophone, Commissioned by Creative New Zealand (2005)



Yudane Plays John Psathas Cropped Laya Commissioned by STSI Denpasar (1991)

Coming Out Commissioned by Matamera Bali (1998)



Tanpa Judul, piano four hands (2006)

Etude, piano trio Commissioned by NZ Trio (2007)



Laughing Water Commissioned by Bodiswara Bali (1997)

Laka leke Commissioned by Temu Musik September, Surakarta (1998)

Terra-incognata Commissioned by Suara Asia Pasifika, Bali (1999)

Bali Bioskop Commissioned by La Batié Festival in Geneva (2000)

Crossroads of Denpasar Radiophonic composition commissioned by NZ Radio (2002)

Journey Commissioned by IMEB, Bourges, France (2004)



with Alex Grillo (France) and fellow Indonesian composers in a Musical Concert for Reformation, Jogjakarta, September 1998.

Mahaswara Concert with 6 Indonesian composers and Francois Picard (France) September 1999 and April 2000 in Jakarta.

with French saxophonist Pierre Stephane Meuge in Dream Concert, Bali, January 2000.

with Paul Grabowsky (Australia) for the music-theatre production The Theft of Sita, Adelaide Festival, February 2000, Theater Formen Festival, Hanover, June 2000, and Melbourne Festival November 2000, Drama Theatre of the Sydney Opera House, Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, LIFT Fest, London, the Belfast and Aldeburgh Festivals and regional centres in the UK, 2001.

with Christopher and Patrick Dasen for an Electronic Soundtrack for Bali Bioskop, La Batié Festival, Geneva and Botanique Festival, Bruxelles, September 2000.

Samerrah!! Recontres Franco-Indonesiennes with Alex Grillo, Phil Spectrum, Christian Sebille, Sapto Raharjo, Ben. M. Pasaribu. 2002, Grenoble, Reims, Avignon, Martigues, Marseille and Aix en Provence.

with Phil Dadson, Adam Art Gallery, Victoria University Wellington 2002.

with Emma Carle, gam.org, a collaborative composition for Organ and Javanese gamelan, St Andrews Church and Adam Concert Room Victoria University of Wellington, October 2003.

with Jack Body, Paradise Regained for Piano and Balinese Gangsa



Music Works, Canada. Volume #90 / Fall 2004

Canzona, New Zealand. Volume 23 #44 2002

Suara Bendhe, Australia. #10 July / August 2006

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