16-18 March

Gamelan performers from Wellington had a strong presence at WOMAD 2012 in New Plymouth with three shows presenting music from Java, Bali and Sumatra. Read an account here on the NZSM website.

Wayang Kulit (shadow puppetry) with Pak Joko Susilo

Saturday 17 March on the Shell Gables Stage

GPM Performers: Budi Putra (kendhang), Jo Hilder (gender barung), Greg Street (rebab, gender panerus), Jason Erskine (slenthem), Rupert Snook and Clare Tattersall (demung), Stephanie Cairns, Helen O’Rourke and Tristan Carter (saron), Judith Exley (saron panerus), Marie Direen (bonang barung), Jack Hooker (bonang panerus), Mike Jones (kenong), Alisa Hogan (kethuk), Pippa Strom and Carina Esguerra (gong, kempul), Juliet Palmer, Briar Prastiti and Annika Naschitzki (gerong/sindhen), Anton Killin (gambang)

Minuit with Gamelan Taniwha Jaya

Sunday 18 March on the Shell Gables Stage

This new collaboration featured some of Minuit’s best-known songs with Balinese gamelan parts added by Jason Erskine. For more information, see here or listen here.

GTJ performers: Rupert Snook, Anton Killin, Jacqui Stowers and Jack Hooker (gangsas); Jason Erskine, Gareth Farr, Jo Hilder and Tristan Carter (reyong); Briar Prastiti and Mike Jones (jublag); Carina Esguerra (gongs); Clare Tattersall (kempli); James Rolfe (ceng-ceng)

Kaba Iniak Mudo” Sumatran/Javanese tiger puppet show

Saturday & Sunday 17 & 18 March in the Kidzone

Joko Susilo (dalang) and Megan Collins (kaba, rabab pasisia, saluang, drums) with Bronwyn Poultney on Javanese genderand drums.

Budi Putra performing Sumatran music in WOMAD 2012 parade

Budi Putra performing Sumatran music in WOMAD 2012 parade

We also had fun participating in the WOMAD parade.





Thanks to the NZ School of Music, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia and the Asia:NZ Foundation for their support.