Puppet With Arrow And ShadowSaturday 16 April 2011

Wellington Waterfront (Shed 6)

Gamelan Padhang Moncar accompanied Dunedin-based dhalang Joko Susilo in presenting wayang kulit (traditional Javanese shadow puppetry) at the Southeast Asian Night Market in two short shows.

Joko presented the story “Gathutkaca Sungging” with pelog gamelan, featuring gerong (vocal chorus) and sindhen (female vocals) - gara-gara included Swara suling and Lelagon Prau Layar (AKA Praon).


Joko Susilo (dhalang)

Budi Putra (gamelan director)

Annika Naschitzki, Anton Killin, Blake Johnston, Briar Prastiti, Carina Esguerra, Greg Street, Helen O’Rourke, Jack Hooker, Jason Erskine, Jo Hilder, Judith Exley, Megan Collins, Mike Jones, Noel Meek, Pippa Strom, Rani Allan, Rupert Snook, Stephanie Cairns, Tristan Carter

This event was kindly supported by the Asia:NZ Foundation and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.

ASIA NZ Foundation