Saturday 30 June 2018Joko Cubadupa 2018 Pasha
in the Adam Concert Room (NZSM, Victoria University of Wellington).

We were saddened to hear of the recent tragedy in Cirebon when seven young gamelan players and their dhalang teacher were killed by a wall collapsing on top of them during gamelan rehearsal. The Cirebon area is dear to our hearts, being the region that the very first gamelan ensemble to reach the shores of New Zealand-Aotearoa came from. You can read about the history and about these instruments on our site by following the links.

In response, we are holding a fundraising event featuring a repeat of our recent wayang kulit with Ki Joko Susilo at CubaDupa. All funds will be directly sent to Cirebon for local projects in response to this.

Please save the date and contribute to this worthy cause.  Details to follow.