Shadow Puppets Arimbi Dewanigrum Noble Characters Of Wayang Kulit Performance. Photo By John Casey Silver Image Photography 1

Noble characters from the shadow puppet collection: Arimbi and Dewanigram (Photo: John Casey)

5 Feb – 13 March 2016

ShadowPlay – an exhibition of wayang kulit shadow puppets from Cirebon (West Java) at Pataka Museum. The antique collection of puppets was purchased by the late Allan Thomas in 1974 together with a set of gamelan instruments. Jennifer Shennan and Joko Susilo worked to curate a unique exhibition showcasing these treasures.

Associated events were:


Saturday 6 February, 11:30am, Performing Arts Studio, Pataka Art + Museum

Wayang kulit performance by Joko Susilo accompanied by The First Smile gamelan.

Sunday 7 February, 1:45pm

Official opening of the exhibition by the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Pak Jose Tavares. Gamelan Padhang Moncar performed as well as dancers and angklung.

Sunday 13 March, 2pm, Bottle Creek Gallery

The First Smile gamelan in the Bottle Creek Gallery space at Pataka to farewell the shadow puppets before the exhibition closes.