October 3 & 4, 2009, 8.00pm

Adam Concert Room, NZ School of Music, Kelburn Campus
$25/$15 concession

Gamelan Padhang Moncar (Java) and Gamelan Taniwha Jaya ( Bali ) presented a programme selected by Jack Body to celebrate his 30 years of teaching at Victoria University/NZSchool of Music. This concert of new music was for gamelan in combination with an assortment of wonderful and rarely heard instruments including the sheng (Chinese mouth organ) and hasapi (Indonesian lute), as well as traditional Western classical instruments.

Listen  to Jack Body talking about  the difference between sound and music, upcoming gamelan concerts and his approach to his work (27 Sep 2009).

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Guest artists included:

Featuring newly composed works by:

  • Jack Body and Wayan Yudane: A House in Bali (string quartet & Balinese gamelan, and narrator)
  • Helen Bowater: Sun Wu Kong -Monkey (Javanese gamelan, string quartet, sheng, singers(s), rebab, frog toys)
  • Irwansjah Harahap: Born (string quartet, sheng, clarinet, marimba, hasapi etc)
  • John Psathas: waiting : still (Balinese musician & piano)
  • Ross Harris: Enteng - light, easy (Balinese & Javanese gamelan)
  • Gareth Farr: The Seventh Age (Balinese gamelan, viola and sheng)
  • Leon DeLorenzo: Melangkah dan Melangkah (electroacoustic and masked actor)
  • David Sanders: Wire, Bronze and Spokes (Balinese and Javanese gamelan and ‘prepared’ spinning wheel)
  • Megan Collins: Mata (taonga puoro, rabab pasisia, saluang, percussion & gongs)
  • Andrzej Nowicki: Abstand und Nähe (distance and proximity) (bassoon and Balinese gamelan)
  • Thomas Lambert: The Dancing Lights (3 players of Javanese gamelan, 2 voices, electric guitar)
  • John Rae: ‘Drumming up a storm’ with Wayan Yudane, and Budi Putra
  • Anton Killin: Cycles, Shadows (Javanese gender, bassoon/viola and clarinet)

Project kindly supported by the Indonesian Embassy, New Zealand School of Music, Creative New Zealand, Australian High Commission, Wellington City Council, and the Asia:NZ Foundation