Gamelan Wellington was delighted to take part in this year’s NZ Festival of the Arts in Wellington.

In the first week, we provided workshops on Javanese gamelan to Porirua College students as part of Lemi Ponifasio’s Te Ata Festival in Porirua (22-29 February).

The second week of the festival saw Budi Putra, Megan Collins, Jo Hilder and Greg Street working with Laurie Anderson for two of her shows: The Calling and Here Comes the Ocean. It was an honour to work Laurie and the wonderful musicians she brought with her: Greg Cohen, Eyvand Kang, Shahzad Ismaily, Rubin Kodheli and Stuart Hurwood, as well as local taonga puoro musician Horomona Horo. Their open-hearted and ‘loose’ approach to improvised shows was a revelation and a joy.

Reviews may be found here: The Calling and Here Comes the Ocean

The Calling