Monday 31 May 2021, 6pm at the National Library, Molesworth St, Wellington (Ground floor foyer - Te Ahumairangi) - FREE

Lilburn Research Fellow, Dr Anton Killin, introduced a concert of New Zealand compositions for Javanese gamelan, set in context with traditional and contemporary Javanese gamelan music. Music was performed by Wellington’s Gamelan Padhang Moncar (Budi Putra, Director).

Dr Anton Killin is the Lilburn Research Fellow, 2021, based at the National Library of New Zealand. His research will focus on cross-cultural music composition in New Zealand relating to the use of Indonesian gamelan. Gamelan has been a significant cultural influence on New Zealand composers since it was introduced. Since gamelan first arrived in New Zealand in 1975, many New Zealand composers have been inspired to write works for the ensemble including David Farquhar (1928-2007), Judith Exley, Megan Collins, and Lilburn Fellow Anton Killin, whose pieces featured in this concert, along with that of Indonesian composer Dedek Wayhudi and US composer Lou Harrison (1917-2003).