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Naga Cover (8K)


Our latest release through Rattle Records features new music from our 2013 tour to Indonesia.
Works by Gareth Farr, Jack Hooker, Briar Prastiti, Megan Collins, Jason Erskine, Tristan Carter, Annika Naschitzki, and Anton Killin.

Full details are available on the Rattle Records website.


"...[an] innovative, daring and even courageous extension of the gamelan into hitherto unexplored territory"
- Graham Reid - Elsewhere

"sometimes spooky, constantly exhilarating"
- Simon Sweetman - Off the Tracks

"...remarkably varied...I was captivated by this album and strongly recommend it"
- Robert Johnson - Radio NZ Concert (4 May 2014)

"extremely inspiring"
- Kim Paterson - NZ Musician

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Now I KNow

Now I Know

Recording of our 2007 Yogyakarta Festival programme of new compositions by Gareth Farr, Jack Body, Chris Watson, I Wayan Gde Yudane and others for Javanese and Balinese gamelan with winds and voice.

Track Listing and more information.

$15 + P&P

Campur Sari

Javanese diva, Waljinah, with her kroncong ensemble (Bintang Surakarta), Gamelan Padhang Moncar, and Fracas saxophone trio. Recorded during the Wellington Jazz Festival, October 2003. Bonus kroncong tracks arranged and  recorded by Bambang Heri Santosa, musical director of 'Bintang Surakarta'.

Track listing.

$15 + P&P

Mass for Saint Cecilia

Lou Harrison's Mass for Saint Cecilia, celebrating the Patron Saint of Music and women musicians. With arrangements and additional composition by Jack Body, Budi Putra, Karen Plimmer, and others. Performed by the Choir of the Sacred Heart Cathedral and Gamelan Padhang Moncar with soloists, Madeleine Pierard, Leila Adu-Gilmore and Josie Burdon, and Su Yi on harp.

Track listing.

$15 + P&P

Rafiloza and Friends

Collaborative compositions and improvisations, plus traditional rabab Pasisia from Minangkabau. Rafiloza bin Rafii (West Sumatra) artist-in-residence at Victoria University's School of Music, 1999.

Track listing.

$15 + P&P

Agus and Friends CD cover (723K) Agus and Friends

Collaborative compositions and improvisations, with Agus Supriawan (West Java) artist-in-residence at Victoria University's School of Music, 2000.

Also available through the SOUNZ website, where you can also hear samples.

$15 + P&P

Darkness to Light: an Easter Celebration

Conceived by Jack Body, Robert Oliver & Megan Collins

Gamelan Padhang Moncar with the Choir of St Mary of the Angels, Wellington, plus guest artists including throatsingers, bagpipes, cello, rabab pasisia, jews harp, organ and assorted gongs, bowls and wine-glasses. Recorded live on 18 April 2001.

Performer details and Track Listings

$15 + P&P


Secret Sounds CD cover (9K)

Secret Sounds

Secret Sounds refers to the mysterious 'sounds within sounds' heard in the playing of jews harps (or mouth harps) and in throat-singing (also called overtone-singing). Three international artists - Leo Tadagawa (Japan), Mark van Tongeren (the Netherlands) and Benicio Sokkong (the Philippines) - worked with many NZ composers and performers including Gamelan Padhang Moncar over a period of 3 months. This recording presents selections from concerts given in the unusually shaped and rather reverberant space of Victoria University's Adam Art Gallery.

Instruments heard on this recording include Highland bagpipes, Celtic pipes, rabab pasisia and talempong.

Participants included Leila Adu, Josie Burdon, Megan Collins, Philip Dadson, Jeff Henderson, Richard Nunns and many more.

Another project conceived and curated by Jack Body.

$15 + P&P


Selections from the 1999 BEAT! International Festival of Gamelan

2000. Gamelan Padhang Moncar performs works by Farr, Norris, Singer, Carle, MacDonald, Carey, Sanders, Collins, Budi Putra. A second CD features live performance recordings from visiting Gamelan ensembles, including Warogus, Suara Naga, Gamelan Banyu Gunung Salju, Lasalle Gamelan, Auckland Gamelan, Otago Univeristy Gamelan, DOME, Trio Madois, a Gender Wayang ensemble, and performers Rahayu Supanggah, Joko Sutrisno, Budi Putra, Midiyanto, Joko Susilo, Rafiloza, and members of Son of Lion.

Track listing.

See also the SOUNZ webpage for this CD for samples you can hear.

$25 + P&P

Tabuh Pacific

New Compositions for Gamelan

1996. Works by Farr, Fletcher, Collins, Exley, Carey, Fairley, Norris. With guests - the Victoria University Orchestra (conducted by Peter Walls) and pianist Dan Poynton.

See also the SOUNZ webpage for this CD for samples you can hear.

$15 + P&P (out of print)

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