Wednesday 7 June, 6pm

Asia-Pacific Music Studio, NZ School of Music, Victoria University of Wellington

Panorama Image

This free Balinese gamelan recital will feature students of PERF252 who have been learning new performance skills this semester with I Wayan Gde Yudane, recently returned from Bali.

They will be joined by Gamelan Taniwha Jaya.

The concert will feature the following repertoire:

  • Gending Bebonangan
  • Kebyar Jaya Semara by Wayan Beratha
  • Sekar Gendot (Binoh version) by Wayan Lotring
  • Sekar Gendot (Kebyar Br Geladag version) by Wayan Lotring
  • Gambang Kuta by Wayan Lotring

Space is limited so come early to secure your place.